Stop Smoking in One Easy Session

Hypnotherapy for people in Carmarthen and South West Wales

I have been helping people in Carmarthen and South West Wales stop smoking for the 15 years now. Most of my work comes from referrals which creates a snowball effect of success, because if you know someone who has been helped to stop smoking in one session, you then believe it is possible for you. Hypnotherapy works using belief systems. If you believe that to stop smoking is hard and you will suffer, then that is what is going to happen for you. I help you change your mind....literally. People who stop smoking with my help find they do it easily and happily ..... hold that thought! 

Choosing the right therapist for you is a very important part of this process. Because my clients come from all over Carmarthenshire and South West Wales, getting to meet each other on the phone first is a good idea.

This is not the right treatment for everyone! I ensure I only offer it to people who I feel will be successful because my reputation is what keeps me in business.  Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure. It can only help you quit smoking if you really want to stop and it does require effort on your part. However, if after our phone chat we agree to work together, and you really want to stop smoking, you can walk out of my therapy room with a smile on your face and cigarettes, smoking and tobacco a thing of your past. 


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